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KUPUKU is a social networking and resource hub for teachers, parents and anyone who have an interest in nurturing children and students with 21st century skills.
This app is made specifically for Indonesia. The app, and all of its contents, is totally free of charge.
You will find relevant news about education, teaching methods and child development curated internationally and translated into Bahasa Indonesia, as well as lots of interesting activities that you can use in class or with your child.
We encourage our users to post comments and replies to our content, to share your experiences when applying them in class or at home. We should lead by example in promoting curiosity, collaboration, communication, critical thinking and creativity in our daily lives.
The KUPUKU app is made available by PT Kupuku Metamorfosis Nusantara. Our vision is for all Indonesian students to have the 21st century skills required to be relevant and productive in Indonesia’s fourth industrial revolution. Our mission is to provide the access, capacity and knowledge to parents and teachers to help make our vision a reality.
Kupuku is a social entrepreneurship and is in close collaboration with the Indonesian Global Compact Network (IGCN).